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3 Harf | 3 Characters Çok Özel | Very Special Harf Hatası Yok

Buy Process

  • 1- Register
    • You must register to start the buying process. Registration is free for a limited time.
  • 2- Buy & Pay
    • Add domain to the basket you want to buy. And make the payment with Paypal. If you don’t have a Paypal account register at paypal.com free.
  • 3- Payment Provisioning
    • After payment we got the receipt / provision. We negotiate with Paypal and get phone approval of the receipt. There is no other payment channels. All swift, cash or check will be STRICTLY refused and this kind of payment NEVER and EVER DO NOT START THE BUYING PROCESS.
  • 4- Transfer
    • We sent a Transfer Process Sheet to you email address which you gave at registering to tr.statu.co. In this paper you have a TO DO LIST. Please finish them as quick as possible. Up to your rapidness the Transfer Process will completed in 45 minutes. Domain is yours.
  • 5- Final Receipt
    • After all we send an electronic Receipt to you.

Frequently Asked Questions (F.A.Q)

  • QUESTION: In how many minutes will i be able to fully manage the purchased domain?
    • ANSWER: Approximately in 45 minutes. (According to your speed at TO-DO-LIST)
  • QUESTION: Are you subject to TR or any other state law?
    • ANSWER: No. Turkish Rebublic, EU, USA states laws do not rule us. We have only a low level (about payment process) relationship with the state of Paypal INC’ s origin country. So; i) We have no obligation to give an invoice at your country and also TR Finance Ministry Regulations and Legislations do not tie us. ii) Al kind of taxes you have to pay like VAT, KDV, FEE, DUE and etc is not a part of payment you made us.
  • QUESTION: We are a government department. We can not buy domain from a seller who is not law-ruled or give invoice? What do you suggest?
    • ANSWER: We offer you dealing with private companies to work with us. They can buy from us and sell it to you in official ways.
  • QUESTION: What do you say when we say: BARGAIN. Let’s aggree on price?
    • ANSWER: NO BARGAIN. All prices are actual. Even one second after prices can be changed.
  • QUESTION: How dare! That is my Brand’s | Company’s | Deparment’s name. I have trademark certificate. I am gonna litigate
    • ANSWER: The TLD domain are registered independently without trademark and any other legislation boundaries. The first rule is: First-come, first-served. Sometimes WIPO, World Intellectual Property Organization, rules and send back the domain to the complainant but the main reason for this is domain’s unfaithfull usage like porno, warez, underground network. Believe us we make a gesture to you while keeping the domains; VERY CLEAN and CHASTE.
  • QUESTION: Is reservation possible for a limited time?
    • ANSWER: No. But sometimes when we are sure that you are a serious buyer then we give you an PRICE-ICING option. It means for a very little time the prices will not be increased.



Attention ! This domain can be purchased only from the web site statu.co. All other connection or callings will be refused.